From studio to stadium... 

From starting out in recording studios in Soho for the first five years of my career, I started out extending my skills in recording after graduating with a BSc Creative Music Technology. My first role at Grand Central Studios (post production advertising) allowed me to gain first hand experience of client workflow and expectation. You learn how to deal with working in a fast paced environment while making no mistakes. In my training here I got to learn tape and tapeless formats and did a couple of my own sessions using a Neve DFC console, U87 and Pro tools HD side-cart.

After leaving Grand Central I went onto do some summer festival work on Isle of Wight Festival 2008, Cornbury Festival and Coldplay @ Brixton Academy. Which then led me onto Dean St Studios full time, where I started out assisting engineers / producers such as Tony Visconti, Jagz Kooner, Tim Latham, Dave Stewart, Morgan Visconti, Sean Genocky, Paul O'Duffy and Stan Kybert to name a few. During this time I also did some Harley Davidson Rally festival work for Wheeler End Studios in Faak - Austria. For this I was crewing the main stage and getting technical riders fulfilled with the stage manager.

After working with a number of A-list talent I found myself a temporary role freelancing for Morgan Visconti in his bespoke advertising composition house in Wardour St - Soho. Here I learnt about international workflow and more I.T based assistance for multiple composer engineers. This job was operational 24/7. 

Having spent over 5 years in Soho, I then looked for a change and got some more freelance work at Anna Valley / Shooting Partners. I started out driving and rigging, helping in the warehouse and learning LED / Video to a further degree of understanding that what I'd learnt in post.

This brought me onto my most recent position at Onyx Presentations where I became Audio Manager for the past 6 or so years. In this role I was responsible for all the audio hires leaving the building with the appropriate cables and setups for engineers on site. Quite often engineering on site too and making sure the job went well from our companies perspective. My skills developed into technical project management where I was dealing with cross hires of band riders, amendments to technical specs for large sound setups and RF coordination / D&B array calculations for event planning.  



From working in many industries I have a range of skills to throw into many projects and happy to work in different fields from Sound, LED, Video, DSLR / Camera.


£250 12 hr day Mon – Fri
£300 12 hr day Weekends
£25 Per hour (min 4 hour call)

Weekly fee
Please call to discuss discounts.



"Your work has great potential"
Morgan Visconti - Human Worldwide - Owner / Director
"I could not fault you if I tried"
Sharron Gilley - Onyx Presentations - Owner / Director
"Absolute Star Niko, I love you"
Jasmin Lee - Dean St Studios - Owner / Director



Get calm, experienced, technical, creative help for your event or studio.